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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Treatment of stroke with acupuncture and herbal formula

On Dec.1, Mrs. Hu (female, age 65) came to my clinic accompanied by her husband. She stated that on Nov.23 last month, to welcome her daughter’s family come for Thanksgiving, she made house cleaning including painting by herself, but one hour after she finished the work, she fallen down from the chair and was sent to the ER. She was diagnosed stroke. The MRI indicated that there was a small block in vessel of her right side of the brain. She was treated and sent back to home the next day. Although she was able to walk, her left hand was weak and the fingers were unable to close together and hold anything, not to mention cooking and wearing cloth. The doctor let her eat asprin. But she did not see any improvement after taking it for one week. She often read my articles in the news papers, thus decided to come here.
After diagnosis, I suggested her have acupuncture and herbal treatment simultaneously. I explained to her that acupuncture is very effective for stroke sepuela, such as paralysis, weakness, or numbness because it could directly stimulate the nerve function, while the herbal formula was for improvement of the blood circulation. She agreed. Right after the electrical acupuncture treatment, the patient felt improvement of the finger movement. Although it was difficult, the thumb, index and middle finger tips of her left hand were able to touch each other. I prescribed herbal formula and asked her to come back in three days for the second acupuncture treatment.
She came back three days later. She told me that the fingers of the left hands were able to control and move with strength, but still not completely recovered yet. With total three acupuncture treatments, her fingers were completely recovered. Her husband was very happy because she could cook for him again.
I told the patient that after the ten days administration of herbal formula, she can change to take the capsule of Tri-Circulator I developed. I suggested her better to take it regularly to maintain the blood circulation and elasticity of her blood vessel. The reason was that even though she was recovered this time, there must be more or less embolus moving in her blood which might adhere to any parts of her vessels any time. This is why many patients with stroke or coronary artery disease (CAD) have the second or even third time onset later. One example is the previous president, Bill Clinton who got two heart surgeries. Researchers have scientifically confirmed that Chinese herbal formulas could effectively eliminate the thrombus and embolus. Tri-Circulator capsule can effectively improve the blood circulation. Many of my patients with stroke, CAD, or symptoms caused by poor circulation such as difficult breath, palpitation, finger numbness, have taken it with satisfied results.

The surgery for stroke or CAD could remove the thrombus, but is unable to prevent its recurrence. The blood thinners can prevent the formation of thrombus, but they have high risk of blood bleeding. In comparison with the surgery and blood thinners, a good Chinese herbal formula can not only improve blood circulation by eliminating the thrombus and embolus, but also improve vessel elasticity, thus, very effective in preventing the onset of stroke or CAD. And it has no bleeding side effect.
Patients with stroke became disabled because the nerves that control the body function were impacted due to the poor circulation around it. In the affiliated hospital of Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese medicine where I worked in China, more than half of the in-patient were disabled stroke patients who were directly transferred from medical hospital after ER treatment. With the combined treatment of acupuncture and herbal formulas, most people recovered by these treatments with the explanation in the 2nd paragraph.

It is necessary to remind readers that people with hypertension and diabetes have higher chance of vessel blockage, particularly in heart or brain. In addition, diabetes patients also easily have circulation problems at foot, eyes and kidneys. Most of my patient with stroke or CAD have either hypertension or diabetes, or both. Therefore, I strongly recommend hypertension and diabetes patients take some herbal products regularly to prevent the stroke and CAD.

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