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I am currently an acupuncturist in my own clinc and a holder of diplomas of Oriental Medical Doctor and Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM). I got my B.S. of Chinese Materia Medica, M.S. of Medicine, Ph.D. of Natural Product Medicine in China, then trained as a post-doctoral research scientist in Columbia University in New York. I was a professor of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, an AvH research fellow in Dusseldorf University in Germany, a professor in South California University of Health Science in the U.S., and the editor and author of the book: Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods-Identification, Analysis, Bioassay, and Pharmacological and Clinical Studies (In English, contracted with John Wiley & Sons, will be published in January 2011). I enjoy to spent time to explore all aspects related to health and illness and to be challenged with diseases or symptoms that allopathic and other doctors failed to treat or relieve. I like to combine the knowledge of traditional and modern medicine in the treatment. Please drag down for the content!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Acupuncture & Herbs for Stage IV Stomach Cancer (2)

This is a continued story about Acupuncture and Herbs for Stage IV Caner written on Nov. 8.

About two weeks ago, the cancer patient's wife, Maria told me that the Allen's new blood test showed that his carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), a tumer marker raised to 30, higher above the normal range  (<2.5 ng/ml) , and it was within the normal range before. The patient felt severe pain on his left low back at that time (he did not tell me about the pain before then). The oncologist worried about the further spread of the cancer cells, therefore, ordered the the CT scan for his bone. The exam was scheduled on Nov. 17. I could tell that both the patient and his wife were nervous about this. But the patient told me that the low back pain has been for serval years, started before the cancer been foundt out, but now getting worse because he had been laying on the bed for couple of months due to the chemotherapy.

Based on the significant improved condition of the patient I saw (please read the story on http://willow4health.blogspot.com/2011/11/acupuncture-and-herbs-work.html), I didn't believe the combined treatment of chemotherapy with acupuncture and herbs would make his situation worse. Therefore, I searched the internet for the information of CEA test.

The CEA test measures the amount of the protein of carcinoembryonic antigen that may appear in the blood of some people who have certain kinds of cancers. Patients with more advanced tumors or tumors that have spread throughout the body are more likely to have high CEA values. Therefore, the Oncologist was worried about the further sperad. But when I did more search about the CEA, I found out that on one page of the MedicneNet.com, it says: "Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause a temporary rise in CEA due to the death of tumor cells and release of CEA into the blood stream". 

After seeing the last sentence, I told the patient's wife:" The lift of the CEA marker might be because of the death of cancer cells. The reason I said so is because his back pain is below, rather than right behind the stomach. It might be due to his long time laying on the bed. Let me see whether I can fix his back pain. If the pain is fixed, then it is not caused by the cancer spread for sure". She replied:" I will pray for that."

In the following acupuncture treatmments, I added treatment on the patient's back. When he came on Nov. 19, after 4 times treatment, the patient told me that his pain on the back had been completely gone. He said he had took the CT scan on Nov. 17, but the result has not come out yet. When his wife came back today (Nov. 21) for her scleroderma (I will tell the story about the treatment on her later), she told me that the Oncologist just called her before she left her office and told her that the CT scan showed that the cancer cells in the lymph nodes on the back of Allen's stomach has disseapperd. The oncologist said this is the best gift for Thanksgiving to them.

Praise the lord. I pray the lord to give me and the oncologist wisdom and give the couple confidence to let let us fight the cancers together.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Treatmenf of Tinnitus with Acupuncture

Tinnitus is a ringing, swishing, or other type of noise that seems to originate in the ear or head. It was reported that nearly 36 million Americans suffer from this disorder. More information about this diseases such as causes and treatment is available from many website. One of them is http://www.medicinenet.com/tinnitus/article.htm.

The noise that patients complained most in my clinic sounds like Cicada singing. To patient with severe and contineous ringing in the ear, it is not simple nuisance anymore. It may bother his/her sleep and gradually made her under depress. Most of my patients said their ENT specialists could not find out the cause and had no method to treat. Diseases or symptoms of that no structural change of organs and tissues is found by examination are called dysfunctional diseases. I believe that the cause of such diseases or symptoms relates to the poor circulation of capilaries, which supply nutrients and hormones through blood to the nerves that control the function of the impacted organs or tissues. The poor circulation of blood might be due to infectious or non-infectious inflammation depending on individuals.  

My personal practice showed that the sooner the treatment begins after the ring onset, the shorter of the treatment needs. Sometime, herbal formula may be needed if the acupuncture treatment result is not significant.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula are effective to many diseases that medical doctors fail to treat. This is only one example.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Acupuncture and Herbs for Stage IV Stomach Cancer

On Oct. 17, Allen (age 50) came to my clinic accompanied by his wife. He was dignosed as Linitis plastica, a rare stomach cancer at stage IV in late May this year. Because cancer had spread to the lymph node outside of the stomach, the oncologist decided to give him chemotherapy to let the lymph node shrink first before the surgery for stomach. Therefore, he started to having chemotherapy in middle of June. However because the number of his leucocyte (white blood cells) dropped to 1.2 (normal range is 4.0-10.0 THOU/CUMM) due to the side effect of the medicine, the doctor had to stop his chemothrapy after the blood test result came out on Oct. 13. There is no medicine to increase his leucocyte. He said he had been very weak, dizzy, nausea and vomitting, no appetite and energy at all since the chemotherapy began. Therefore, the doctor had to punch a hole through the skin at the left side of his navel for a feeding tube while receving the chemotherapy.

Time is life. The cancer cells might have grown again if the chemotherapy being stopped long due to the too low leucocyte. In this case, his wife, Maria, a nurse working in Kaiser hospital, searched the internet and found me.

I gave him acupucnture and formulated scientific herbal extract, then told him come twice per week. That was on Monday.

When he came back on Oct. 22 (Saturday, 2nd time), he told me that he felt significant difference after the first treatment, and when he went to see the oncologist on Friday (Oct. 21), his doctor checked the blood and the test result showed the leucocyte rasied to 5.0, high enough for chemotherapy, so the treatment started again. And this time, he was able to eat, no nausea and vomiting, therefore, no tube needed anymore.

When he came on Oct. 25 (3rd time), he told me that he ate like a horse now, felt more energetic.

When he came on Oct. 29 (4th time), he brought his blood test taken on Oct. 27, ten days after the acupuncture and herbal treatment. His leucocyte raised to 6.9. He also showed me the data taken from middle August to middle September. The highest of his previous leucocyte nuber was 5.8.

The patient said that the doctor gave him another stronger but more toxic medicne with i.v. every 3rd week. Before the treatment in my clinic, every time after he received the 2nd more toxic medicine, he was always completely knocked down for the following whole week. But while having acupuncture and herbal treatment, he was fine with it now. When his son sent him here with his girl friend, the girl told me that she rarely saw the patient before because he always lain in his room, but now she saw him walked around every time when she visited them.

When the patient came again today, in 22 days after acupuncture and herbal treatment started, his face looks rose pink, much more healthy (it was pale just like a white page). He said to me "I have not felt such good for a long time already, and I wants to do exercise now". I suggested him start doing strech with deep breath at home. He also brought the blood tests taken every week during the past month. In addition to leucocytes, his low red cells are also slowly raising.

The couples are christians. Every time when they came, they thanked the lord for having received treatment in my clinic. Joseph said that he is very confident to fight aginst the cancer now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A story about treatment for a manager of two medical centers

Carmen R. is a manager of two medical centers in LA area. She came to my clinic for stomach problem on May 2. She told me that started from October last year, she felt spasm and burning on her middle chest. Her doctor diagnosed the problem as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and gastritis and prescribed protonix for her. She felt little better by taking this drug at the beginning, but the symptom gradually getting worse. She felt pain below the ribs and severe burning when hungry and after eating. She could only eat little each time, otherwise the burning became very severe. She had to eat more times for this reason. Her doctor told her that she should not drink milk and eat apple and many other staffs. The only meat the doctor suggested her was chicken. She had been sick of the only few kinds of foods she could eat every day.
Because of the insufficient nutrient and poor absorption in addition to the suffering, she felt very tired and desperate. She was under depression. She was not sure whether the severe symptoms were caused by the medicine she was taking. She kept asking me with worry: “Can you help me, doctor?”   
I suggested her get both acupuncture and herbal formula for the best result. But she wanted to try herbs first. I prescribed scientific herbal extract for her. After taking about ten days, she felt better and had more energy. I prescribed her more herbs for another 15 days. I showed her the list of the possible protonix side effects from the website and suggested her try to gradually drop down protonix because it failed to help her anyway.
When she came back on June 15, she told me that she had stopped taking protonix for 9 days and the symptoms had been improved about 50%, but still felt burning especially when the stomach was empty. I modified the formula and let her take for another 15 days.
She came back on July 18 and told me that she felt much better. I could tell that she was so happy and no more depression. When I asked her to give me a number from 0 to 10 to let me know the percentage of the symptoms improvement. She told me if the severity was 10 before the treatment, it became to 3 now.
She told me that she had suspected that the medicine (protonix) made the symptoms became worse. She said that when she saw patients in the clinics she worked for, she just wanted to tell them don't take these drugs, but she could not do that because of her work. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Treating stomach flu with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Betty came to my clinic accompanies by her husband this week. She told me that she got food poisoning with severe vomiting, diarrhea and high fever after ate in a restaurant last week. She was sent to emergency and treated with antibiotic. Now, although no more fever and vomiting, she had no appetite and energy at all, even could not sit up and drive by herself. I treated her with acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula. She came for the 2nd acupuncture treatent yesterday and told me that she felt the improvment. Her visit reminded me the treatment of the same problem for my daughter Emily two years ago. Here I want to share the story to show you the different result of treatment between Chinese medicine and modern drug.
     Emily got stomach flu after she ate in a restaurant too. She felt nausea and kept vomit, threw up everything she ate after then, even one drink of water. But she just felt that the toxic material was still in her stomach, which hindered everything she drank and ate down through.  She had no appetite at all. She went to the doctor and was given antiemetic medicine. But it did not help. Finally, she had to call her dad to take her home from the college (she lived there). She was too weak to sit up in the car while her dad drove. Thus, the dad decided to send her to the emergency room in Kaiser directly.
      After I knew this, I went there from home. I did not trust the doctors in the emergency room because not long before then, two men I knew died without clear reason in a hospital when they were sent there because of high fever.
When I just arrived there, an assistant (I guessed so) came to the room to give her tylenol. I asked why, the guy said the doctor prescibed. And I asked "For what? She has no pain, nor fever."  The guy then turned to Emily whether she wanted to take it. She shaked her head. I was wondering what was the doctor doing there?
The vomit was only stopped while she was given i.v . in the hospital. The doctor prescribed another antiemetic medicine after then. I went to the Pharmacy to pick up. The pharmacist told me that the medicine needs to be taken after eating. I asked the pharmacist: “How can she take the medicine while she is threwing everything up?” The pharmacist shrugged without giving any suggestion. As I expected, only in few minutes after Emily took the antiemetic medicine  in the emergency waiting room, she throw up again with the medicine. I said to my daughter: “Let us go home and mom will fix your problem”. It was 1 AM in the morning already.
Although Emily was scared of the acupuncture needles, she accepted to take it this time because she was so miserable – she knew that the toxic substances was still staying in her stomach and that made her threw up anything she ate and drank.
Right after I inserted the acupuncture needles on her wrists after got home, she threw up again. But different from the previous vomits with only little she just drank or ate, she threw up all of the staffs with rancid and sour smell this time. She felt her stomach was finally emptied. She then felt hungrey and was able to eat. No more vomiting after she ate that night. I gave her some herbal tea to let her drink before slept.
On the next day, she felt much better with more energy. She asked me how the acupuncture needles worked?  I explained to her: the toxic substances she ate impacted the function of the nerves that regulate the contraction and movement of the stomach, made them failed to do their work. Thus, these toxins stayed within the stomach and blocked what she ate and drunk, and made them been throw up. The acupuncture needles miraclely stimulated the nerves and waked them up to perform their work.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Treatment of coronary heart disease with acupuncture and herbal formula

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a common heart disease due to myocardial (muscle of heart) dysfunction that cause by ischemia because of narrowed coronary artery, so it is also called ischemic heart disease (IHD).  The main symptom is chest pain or tightness, sometimes it may radiates to neck, left shoulder and upper back, arm.  Other symptoms may include dizziness, short of breath, sweating, chills, vomit, and fainting. Severe patients may die of heart failure.
On December 17, 2010, Mrs. Huang (age 68) came to my clinic with her husband because of her severe dizziness . She went to see a cardiologist two weeks ago due to the chest tightness, difficult breath and slight dizziness. According to the report fro the specialist, the exercise stress echocardiogram (ECG) showed “strongly positive for ischemia”, and the rest ECG indicated mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. The doctor recommended an invasive cardiac catheterization and prescribed –statin and asprin although her lipid panel blood test showed normal. She was unwilling to have the catheterization treatment. Thus, her family doctor referred her to another cardiologist for the second opinion. The appointment of the second examination was scheduled on Dec. 23, and the result will be given on Dec. 28th
She took the medicines as the doctor prescribed. Although the chest tight was became less, the patient still felt short of breath when gent upstairs and the dizziness became more worse in the last two day. Her head was pain and heavy. She could not wait till see the second doctor, therefore, her husband searched for the Chinese doctors from the yellow book and found me. I gave her pulse diagnosis and measured her blood pressure. It was 180/90.
I told the patient that her currently dizziness is mainly due to the high blood pressure and heart dysfunction caused by the blocked coronary artery, both acupuncture and herbal formula could effectively lower her blood pressure, and improve blood circulation of her coronary artery as well as blood supply to her brain. Therefore, I suggested her have acupuncture and herbal formula simultaneously. She accepted. I gave her acupuncture treatment and measured her blood pressure after then. The pressure dropped to 130/80. She told me that she felt her heavy head became much lighter, the dizziness was also diminished.  I told her taking herbs I prepared and come back in three days.
She came back on Dec. 20, told me that the dizziness has dropped from 5 to 1. The short of breath when she climbed upstairs was also disappeared. She asked me to treat her shoulder pain with acupuncture. After the treatment, I told her continue the herbs I gave her last time and let me know the exam result from the second cardiologist after Dec. 28. The patient did not come back. I called her after New Year asking for the result. The lady told me that she was fine now and the second doctor told her the exam showed normal.  Because she was taking care of her grand children, she could not come to show me the result.
CAD and  stroke occur with higher ratio among people with higher blood pressure, higher blood lipid, and higher blood sugar (three high), hormone disorders, over body weight, smoking, and older age. Therefore, these people should actively prevent CAD. Drugs can control the blood pressure, sugar, and lipids, but the patients who are taking them are still in higher risk getting CAD and stroke than others. Thus, I suggest these people take herbal products periodically for prevention. Of course, you need to carefully select the safe products.  Even to people with no three high, with the age growing, I recommend people over age 40 do periodic body maintenance with herbal products like maintening your car, especially to your circulation system. This is when getting older, blood vessels, which include arteries, arteriole, veins, venules and capillary, wil become more or less narrowed, blocked, or fragile without our knowing, particularly the capillaries. My college daughter said using a car as an instance sounds unscientific, and should not come from her mom, a scientist with a Ph.D.  I told her that human body is indeed an alive, more complex machine.  
Most of patients came to my clinic for CAD or stroke have either hypertension or diabetes. I treated them with acupuncture and herbal formula first to relieve their symptoms, and asked them taking capsues of Tri-rejuvenator and Tri-circulator I made alternatively after then. Their feedbacks are very good. Few of these who have CAD and went to ER frequently before the treatment no longer need to go to ER. 
Many of my patients went to see other acupuncturist before came to me, then turned to me because they were not satisfied with the treatment result by the previous doctors. Most of them were satisfied with my treatment. Some people tried one or two times from an acupuncturist, then concluded that acupuncture or herbal formula had no effective; some others went to see only one medical doctor with no good result, then no longer believed medical doctors. In fact, neither attitude is correct.
By the way, I am telling you that press “Nei Guan” point could effective reduce the symptom of acute onset of heart failure, and may even rescue one’s life.